Tiki’s “Kona Brewing” Beer Dinner

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Tiki Brewing Dinner Image

Join me on Monday, January 11th at 6pm at Tiki’s Grill & Bar for the “Kona Brewing Company Beer Dinner”.  I will pair the dinner menu with a lineup of Brew Master Ryan McVeigh’s Kona Brewing Company beers.  See full line up at and get tickets at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tikis-grill-bar-presents-kona-brewing-company-beer-dinner-tickets-19894467889 


Brewmastser Ryan McVeigh began his professional brewing career in Colorado in the year 2000; he then moved to Boise, Idaho and brewed for Big Horn Brewing Co. Finding that the “big city life” was not for him, he searched for a larger brewery in a small town environment. When Kona Brewing Co brought him to the islands in 2005, it turned out to be exactly what he was looking for. He has since worked in every capacity of the brewing process at Kona Brew, from cleaning kegs to lab work, filtration operations to sales. He currently holds the title of Brewery Manager and Brewmaster.

To give you a sneak peek… the second course will feature a Lemongrass Luau Ale. Lemongrass Luau is a crisp and refreshing blonde ale brewed with wheat malt, a variety of hops, Maui turbinado sugar and fresh Big Island Ginger and Lemongrass. The hops lend layers of earthy complexity that complement the subtle sweetness from the turbinado, which is further balanced by spicy, gingersnap flavors and aromas from the fresh local ginger added throughout the brew. With its modest alcohol content Lemongrass Luau can be considered a session beer, perfect for pau hana (after work beer), sharing pints with friends, and great with almost any meal. (ABV 5.8, IBU 20) photo credit today.com

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Don’t forget to buy your tickets here now!   https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tikis-grill-bar-presents-kona-brewing-company-beer-dinner-tickets-19894467889 

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