New England Calling

Posted on April 14, 2015 by admin

Tiki's Grill & Bar chef and Mass native Ronnie Nasuti /photo couIt seems that every year at this time my friends and family back east can’t stop talking about how bad the winter was/is. Maybe it’s because the cold weather is almost over or maybe because a bunch of scientists at MIT just confirmed that yes, 2015 was the worst winter in New England recorded history! Sometimes I think that’s how I ended up in Hawaii; although tropical paradise has made me soft, I really do miss the snow.

My chef friend Nuno Alves, a recent transplant from Boston, brought in Kerry Byrne, the Boston Herald’s award winning beer, food and football writer (is that even a job?). Turns out he had the same idea. He was in Hawaii on vacation and decided to include Nuno & I in a piece on New England transplants in the Hawaii culinary scene. Click here to see the Boston Herald article. Turning a trip to Hawaii into a work assignment probably deserves an award too.

Since it came out my Boston area Facebook friends have been “liking” the article and posting “I know that guy” on the web. I’d like to thank Kerry for the “far east coast” shout out and tip my hat to any man that can turn beer, food and football into a job description. He’s back in the snow now but I’m sure he’s already plotting his return. You can check out the article and my recipe for Coffee Braised Lamb Shanks here.

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