My Twist on Panna Cotta

Posted on May 05, 2013 by admin

Presenting Hau'ula Tomato Penne Cotta

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Penne Cotta is traditionally a sweet summer dessert, cream and raspberries and such. If you can take cream and gel flavors and gelatinize it, penne cotta can be anything. I’ve seen Hiroshi do Uni Penne Cotta. I came up with Hau’ula Tomato Penne Cotta! So I had to make tomato paste, I took sixty pounds of tomatoes and I blended them, I strained the seeds and the skin out of the raw excess tomato bitters. Then I reduced it down, I separated the yellow ones and put some turmeric in with it. Then I cooled and hardened them in the refrigerator at an angle to for an interesting look. The candied maple smoked bacon was baked in simple syrup, removed it from the syrup and continued to bake it on parchment paper until crisp and candied.

We have all the tastes covered. Acids from the balsamic and the tomatoes, peppery flavor from crab pepper and arugula, sweetness from the candied sugar and the reduced gastric out of the balsamic syrup, spiciness, tart, salty, bitter from the arugula and even uname from the tomatoes. It’s a very complete sensory experience.

I’m taking this to the L’ulu grazing event for Leeward Culinary Arts Gala. Great event that invests in educational opportunities for Hawai’is culinary students. There’s some great chefs that will be there doing their things also and that’s happening tonight. Strongly suggest you get tickets for next year if didn’t this time around.

Check out this video for more info in this delicious twist.

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  1. Great post. Not sure why you ask for comments – no feedback given when one does! I do appreciate this blog it is fun to read!

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