My Take on the Alexander Valley Vineyards Wine & Dinner Party

Posted on February 22, 2013 by admin

Three days of prep not to mention all the planning, staging and flawlessly timed execution involved to orchestrate a wine dinner party for fifty. We put this together to give you a glimpse of what’s involved and how I came up with each course. Next party is March 11. I recommend you come and experience it for yourself. You can get tickets here.

One thought on “My Take on the Alexander Valley Vineyards Wine & Dinner Party”

  1. I love to hear what goes on with creativity and execution. This satisfies both with an extremely well crafted detail for the viewer. I loved seeing every step of the way of your broth and hearing about it’s technical nuances and end result. “Candy Ass Hippies” what a great line! I agree with you that Michael Ginor of Hudson Valley is open to guests to witness for themselves their farming of foie gras. As you know, it
    is not one of my favorite things but I said that about mushrooms and you said very emphatically “YOU will EAT MY mushrooms!” and I did so who knows had I been at
    this dinner I probably would have eaten your foie gras filling of the quail.

    I would like to mention that for myself your swaying and the sound of the wind although ambient to the backdrop was distracting. Since we only see you from the waist up maybe you could stand against a chair or lean against the rail. You would still give the view that million dollar backdrop but not have you swaying and moving all the time. I only say this because I took a public speaking/communication class and we had to focus on our body movement and projection. BTW, your projection was great and your voice had and even tone and was audible with great diction.

    Thank you chef for an intimate insight into what it takes to create a memorable dinner using complexity of ingredients to highlight the nuances of the wines showcased. I know it is hard but you really took us into that place of being there. And, BTW, you know we love you! the MEWS

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