Mom’s Homemade Piccalilli Makes a Special Appearance

Posted on November 23, 2016 by admin
Mom's homemade picallili
Mom’s homemade piccalilli

A couple months ago when I was visiting in Massachusetts I rummaged through my mother’s cabinets in her absence to locate a childhood favorite, homemade piccalilli. I was unsuccessful. I simply figured she was slacking on the canning and enjoying life so much! Low and behold this came in the mail a few weeks ago.

Piccalilli is relish with green tomatoes, peppers, and onions. My mom would put it on my roast beef sandwiches for bag lunch in high school, and my friends would barter for my sandwiches. I can’t remember what I got in return, but more often than not I wouldn’t want to trade!

For our new Lunch Menu rollout (coming soon to you all in a few weeks!), I’ll be featuring my own version of piccalilli, using Mom’s tried and true recipe, of course. It will complement our revamped Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Melt Sandwich & Soup. The panini will be made with fresh island ahi tuna salad (dolphin & green sea turtle free and safe), Swiss cheese, the housemade piccalilli, with pickles & crisped capers on sourdough bread. It will be paired with our always delicious Hau’ula tomato basil bisque, made fresh in house every day. A local take on what Mom used to make! 

Cruisin' with these girls (my mom and sister)
Cruisin’ with these girls (my mom Rita and sis Pauline)

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