Molecular Gastronomy

Posted on March 09, 2013 by admin

Molecular Gastronomy

Molecular gastronomy Is actually evident in the cooking we already do. You can’t escape basic tastes. It’s essentially focusing way, way in on a tip of an iceberg, on a specific aspect of cooking and taking that off on a tangent. It’s the extreme focus is what makes that a trend. In Molecular Gastronomy, all the flavors are basic flavors, it’s about tricking your eyes and your mouth. So you look at something and they look like fish eggs but they taste like bell peppers or a flavored foam of squid ink to add a briny ocean flavor.  Something frozen that isn’t normally gives a flavor and temperature contrast as we usually associate cold with sweet and alcohol flavors.  It can be a wonderful thing. What’s your take, do you have any experiences with this cuisine?

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