Getting a Taste for Cuisine at Pearl City High School

Posted on July 12, 2016 by admin

July is National Culinary Arts Month. In honor of this, I wanted to share two experiences that are close to my heart - both involve working with local youth who are interested in breaking into the field of culinary arts. It's so important to light a fire under these kids who will become the next generation of pioneers and pirates in the kitchen, and who can keep our Hawaii Regional Cuisine movement alive, while challenging it and making it better. Since 2013 I have been paired with Pearl City High School’s Culinary Arts Academy through the Hawaii Culinary Education Foundation. For those who may not be familiar with the HCEF, it was created by a group of visitor industry leaders, top chefs and culinary education officials in 1998 for the sole purpose of supporting culinary arts education in Hawaii. The high school mentoring program is just one of the ways the HCEF achieves their mission. More than Just a Cooking Class As chef mentors our job is not just to go out and demonstrate how to prepare a specific dish but to also share our experience and kno... Read more

The Iolani Fair Turns 25

Posted on June 24, 2016 by admin

    Who’s Kid is that Eating Crab Dip Behind the Malasada Tent?  A few years ago somebody made the comment, “we need more chefs’ kids in the school”. It was while preparing for another two full days of gourmet food and cooking demonstrations that have become a unique fixture of the Iolani Fair. While the idea of going out to recruit more children of local chefs to help stack the roster at the gourmet food tent was meant as a joke, it did demonstrate how important the school’s commitment to local cuisine has become. The Original Roy’s Gourmet Food Tent Back when Roy Yamaguchi’s kids were going to Iolani, his wife got involved with the fair and encouraged Roy to round up some of his chef buddies to help as well. The new Gourmet Food Tent became a showcase for local, established chefs to highlight their dishes and it added a unique element to help the relatively new Iolani Fair, stand out. The fair has now successfully celebrated its 25th birthday and over the years there have been more local chefs involved in the gourmet... Read more

The Secret to Super Light Tempura

Posted on May 25, 2016 by admin

Hawaii News Now has been gracious enough to let me be a part of their Sunrise show, during their Kitchen Creations spot. I'll be filming another segment soon, so stay tuned for that! Click on the link to see the full clip from my last shooting: Tempura Kakiage. The Secret to Super Light Tempura For my last appearance, I stirred up some light and fluffy vegetable Kakiage live on the show. Business reporter Howard Dicus was in the studio to do the traditional TV host taste test and I could tell what he was thinking before he even picked up the ball of deep fried tempura battered veggie sticks. Most people think anything deep fried by definition is going to be heavy and greasy. It’s not. Howard's reaction was great. He first grabbed one of the bigger cakes and was immediately trying to break off just a piece or find a smaller cake to try. I remember him saying something like “naturally it turns out to be really huge”. He was probably thinking that even a small sample was going to leave him feeling full. When he took his first bite he had a price... Read more

Join Us for a Relaxing Brunch at the Beach this Mother’s Day

Posted on May 03, 2016 by admin

  [caption id="attachment_4832" align="alignnone" width="350"] Me and my Mom, at Roman's Graduation.[/caption] Tiki’s Mother’s Day Brunch continues to attract more locals and visitors each year. With our diverse menu of local favorites like the poke bar and house-made kimchee plus Tiki’s Mother’s Day favorites like the build your own omelet station and pancake bar, there is something for everyone across the board. Something Special for the Early Risers Maybe you need to share this Mother’s Day with more than one special lady, maybe you have things to do or maybe you just enjoy that peaceful time of day before things really get rolling. This year, to let even more guests enjoy our brunch buffet we are opening at 7:30AM. As always we offer 3 hours of free valet parking in Waikiki and an outstanding buffet selection to spoil all your mothers and grandmothers. The ocean views are gorgeous and there will be plenty of time to eat, enjoy the food and talk story. Dreaming of Mother’s Day Although organizing the Mother’s Day buffet does... Read more

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