Taste of the Hawaiian Range

Posted on October 08, 2015 by admin

Going back for my fourth appearance at Mealani’s Taste of the Hawaiian Range, it seems like we finally have it down. My first two times with Roy’s went smoothly enough but two years ago, representing Tiki’s Grill & Bar, we found ourselves unexpectedly in the middle of an obstacle course. We pretty much had to sprint to the finish in order to pull it off in time. The first hurdle was the Kona Ironman triathlon. We were unknowingly coming in just a week ahead of the world championships. This turned out to be one of the busiest days for traveling to the Big Island as the athletes were arriving early to acclimatize to the weather and the time zone. We managed to get a reservation on an early flight so getting there wouldn’t have been a problem; except for our second hurdle. My First High Security Sauce Alert Each year 30 to 40 chefs are assigned a specific cut of beef or Big Island pasture-raised pork, mutton, goat or feral pig. Two years ago we were assigned mutton and as part of the preparation for the event we had made our marinade ahead o... Read more

Next Step for Nasuti – Moving On

Posted on September 05, 2015 by admin

There are some big changes at the Nasuti house this fall and I’d like to take this opportunity to share a little about what’s been happening. No, I’m not going anywhere. OK, that’s not entirely true. In September I’ll be traveling with my son Roman to Japan. We’ll be getting him settled into his new life as a college freshman. It promises to be a big adventure as this will be Roman’s first experience living away from mom and dad. Add to that a foreign culture and the language (Roman reads and writes Japanese but conversational immersion will be a new thing) and my son is going to be living a different life in a few weeks. Life in Japan I don’t have all the details straight but so far I know this: from his visit there to check out the school with my wife a few months ago, I know the food is great. Even in the school cafeteria. The school is in Fujisawa outside of Tokyo. Roman will be living about 5 or 10 minutes by bike from the campus. I’m not sure on his school breaks yet but I know the schedule differs dramatically from US schools. ... Read more

Going Long for the Hawaii Culinary Education Fund

Posted on April 22, 2015 by admin

 The Hawaii Culinary Education Fund’s (HCEF) annual golf tournament fundraiser was held on Monday, April 6 at the Kapolei Golf Course. This is the primary annual fundraising event for the HCEF. Since 1998 the HCEF has been dedicated to providing opportunities for culinary arts students in Hawaii to gain exposure to and experience working with the best local and visiting chefs in the industry. The day begins with the team registration and buffet lunch from 10 a.m. and at noon it’s time to step up to the tee. For those not familiar with charity golf tournaments, they often have a special starting format and some different rules. For the HCEF tournament there was a shotgun start at noon, meaning each foursome starts at the same time from a different hole on the course. This should get everyone into the clubhouse in plenty of time for the big gala awards dinner. It’s also played as a four person scramble, which means everyone in the foursome tees off and then everyone shoots their second shot from the best lie among the group. This usually makes for some int... Read more

New England Calling

Posted on April 14, 2015 by admin

It seems that every year at this time my friends and family back east can’t stop talking about how bad the winter was/is. Maybe it’s because the cold weather is almost over or maybe because a bunch of scientists at MIT just confirmed that yes, 2015 was the worst winter in New England recorded history! Sometimes I think that’s how I ended up in Hawaii; although tropical paradise has made me soft, I really do miss the snow. My chef friend Nuno Alves, a recent transplant from Boston, brought in Kerry Byrne, the Boston Herald’s award winning beer, food and football writer (is that even a job?). Turns out he had the same idea. He was in Hawaii on vacation and decided to include Nuno & I in a piece on New England transplants in the Hawaii culinary scene. Click here to see the Boston Herald article. Turning a trip to Hawaii into a work assignment probably deserves an award too. Since it came out my Boston area Facebook friends have been “liking” the article and posting “I know that guy” on the web. I’d like to thank Kerry for the “far east c... Read more