French Toast and Fruit Kebabs in Under 4 Minutes

Posted on July 29, 2016 by admin

We’re Almost Out of Time

Not long ago I had a chance to tackle another recipe from the pages of the Honolulu Star Advertiser live on the Hawaii News Now Sunrise Show. When doing any kind of cooking show or demonstration I always try to show as much of the actual preparation as possible while still keeping it interesting. In front of the cameras there is added pressure because you’re working on a very tight schedule with very little room for even the smallest thing to go wrong. Preparation is a big part of any well executed dish, whether that means demonstrating a recipe in under four minutes, putting out six-hundred plates at a fundraiser or just making a great meal at home.

French Toast Kebabs - Betty Shimabukuro recipe

Just Relax

Trying to look relaxed while racing to get the dish put together can be challenging. I should admit here I’m not a big morning person. Despite my best intentions I’m usually operating on less than the optimal amount of sleep. Maybe that’s a good thing. Despite the early wake-up calls, these things are still fun. Staying relaxed, either in front of the camera or back at Tiki’s during the rush helps me stay focused and work more efficiently.

Prep like a Pro

The first step is always to read the recipe over then think your way through the steps of preparing the dish. Obvious things like the kinds of kitchen tools you will need or ingredients you might not have handy will jump out at you. For a TV spot I have everything chopped, ground, grated and measured in individual bowls and ramekins. Having your ingredients at the ready is a good habit whenever you’re cooking. That way you can concentrate on bringing everything together smoothly. If you’ve ever forgotten to take a pot off the burner or left something on the grill too long when you stepped away to chop your next ingredient you’ll know why this is so important.

This recipe called for a grill with the skewers cooking on tinfoil coated with cooking spray but I didn’t have an indoor grill setup so I just used a griddle. If you wanted to make this outdoors this recipe would definitely work on a backyard grill.

The ingredient list also called for one tablespoon of dark rum. While dark rum adds more flavor than light rum, a tablespoon, in my opinion, was not enough for this recipe. To be fair the recipe called for one tablespoon “or more, to taste” so I added a few more to give this sauce some bite. Contrary to what many people believe cooking liquors like rum does not necessarily burn off all the alcohol. If you didn’t want to use rum you could use a substitute like pineapple juice.

Smart Recipes and Sweet Bread Necessities

I made an observation during the show that this recipe was smart. The coconut milk was divided into three-quarters of a cup or six ounces in the batter and one cup or eight ounces in the sauce. Splitting it up like this lets you use all of a standard fourteen ounce can of coconut milk with nothing left over. That’s the way a chef would plan the recipe, no waste.

Sweetbread makes great French toast and the sweetness compliments the fruit and rum sauce flavors in this recipe. Day-old bread is good for French toast and this recipe called for quartered sweet rolls left in the oven overnight to dry. It can be tricky to cut these rolls without crushing them so I recommend you use a razor sharp serrated knife. We left them overnight to dry out.

The recipe says to coat the bread cubes lightly without letting them sit too long and get soggy. Dried bread will soak up the custard mix quickly. With a little preparation, these kebabs will come together in just a few minutes. If you would rather not worry about the time you can also do like I did and make some ahead and keep them warm in the oven.

To watch the full demonstration and get a link to the recipe you can check out the Hawaii News Now YouTube channel or follow the link below.



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