Flavor Punch!

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What’s my definition of a flavor punch in a meal? 
I would say that it’s like it sounds…a “PUNCH”!  Bold and strong, not
subtle. Not just something that enhances flavor like salt or pepper but a primary flavor like anchovies, miso, a pungent cheese, fish sauce, capers or even chocolate.

When trying to recall my first ‘flavor punch’ meal, I couldn’t really narrow that down but  I definitely was intrigued with Asian ingredients not being the norm from my childhood. Hot Chinese mustard, fermented foods & seasonings, kimchee etc, all very bold.

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I encourage you to get people excited about your dish! Use buzz words to generate interest & anticipation. Make food EXCITING! When doing this interview with  I used words like..SIZZLING HOT, SPICY KO CHU JANG, FRESH WAIPOLI LETTUCE, HIGH-SPEED BLENDER.  You get my drift.  Sizzling Lettuce Wraps

Tell me your favorite “Flavor Punch”?


Chef Ronnie

Sizzling Lettuce Wraps
Thinly sliced & marinated beef ribeye served sizzling on a cast iron skillet. Tender Maui butter lettuce, marinated bean sprouts, Nalo Farms honey & ko chu jang dipping sauce, sesame glass noodles & housemade kimchee for you to roll
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  1. For the meat…
  2. Sliced ribeye meat 1 pound
  3. Marinade below…
  4. Soy sauce 1 cup
  5. Sugar ¾ cups
  6. Yellow onions (peeled & sliced) 1 cup
  7. Garlic (minced) 1 tsp
  8. Black pepper 1 tsp
  9. Sesame oil 1 tsp
  10. Sesame seeds 1 tsp
  11. Water ¼ cup
  12. For the sauce…
  13. Kula onion 1 cup
  14. Rice wine vinegar ¾ cup
  15. Fresh ginger (peeled and minced) 1 tblsp
  16. Ko chu jang 1 cup
  17. Sugar ½ cup
  18. Nalo Farms Honey ¼ cup
  19. Soy sauce 1 cup
  20. Cilantro (loosely packed) ½ cup
  21. • Blend all ingredients until smooth in a blender.
  22. • Can be refrigerated up to a week.
  1. To plate…
  2. Waipoli butter lettuce 12 leaves
  3. Marinated bean sprouts ¾ cup
  4. Marinated glass noodle (marinate in somen dressing) ¾ cup
  5. Kochujang vinaigrette (see recipe) ½ cup
  6. Kimchee ¾ cup
  7.  Arrange the lettuce leaves, sprouts, noodles, kimchee & sauce on 2 large plates nicely and refrigerate.
  8. To serve;
  9. 1. Drain the meat of it’s excess marinade.
  10. 2. In a hot pan with a little sesame oil sear the meat on high until cooked through stirring frequently so it doesn’t stick.
  11. 3. Serve the meat on a sizzling platter with the accompaniments.
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