Duck, Duck Mousse

Posted on October 18, 2013 by admin

Duck Duck Mousse

‘Iolani school, a private, culturally diverse, co-educational, college preparatory school for 1800 students in grades K – 12 just celebrated their 150th anniversary. My son attends this school so I volunteered to serve my signature Duck, Duck Mousse for their annual fundraiser. 29 tables sold for $10,000 each and 9 went for $25,000 each. The event was almost completely sold out by purchasing tables alone so not a lot of tickets were available. The Silent auction had things like Suberbowl 2013 tickets with round trip airfare and hotel. These things start at 20,000. The schools following and loyalty is just phenomenal.

We made duck confit with a five spice. Cooked in in our perpetual duck & vegetable fat that we use to make here in our restaurant. We cook this for hours, picked it all apart. It’s served with duck breast slices and froie gras mousse. It’s got cognac, white pepper and truffle oil. Our foie gras is from Hudson Valley and humanly treated. It’s delicious, it’s a delicacy and it’s a beautiful thing. We made a lavender French toast for it. Lavender is great for game meat. It included fresh, local thyme, local lavender, we used baguette bread and I made a blue cheese compound butter with some worcester sauce. Our French toast batter has lavender, fresh thyme, eggs and cream. We sautéed the French toast at the event and this was the bed for the three duck products. Finally it’s served with a vanilla bean poha berry agrodolce. It’s like a light, reduced sweet and sour sauce; tart poha berries, white balsamic, Tahitian vanilla, poha berry jam all made into a sauce. I drizzled that around and put demi glaze on top. Finishing the plate up with chili sauce. These are ringer flavors – peppery, sweet and tart.

Made this for 1,000 people. A terrific school deserves a terrific plate.

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