Cooking for Causes

Posted on September 28, 2013 by admin

Creating a sensational dish is even more rewarding when having the opportunity to do it for a good cause!

October 4th I will be on the Big Island at Mealani’s Taste of the Hawaiian Range. The purpose of this event is to “provide an educational venue to encourage and support local production of agricultural products through social, cultural and scientific exchanges. It features a diverse array of talents brought together for the purpose of developing an ethos of compatibility, tranquility and sustainability with this land we co-inhabit.” We will be making mutton. I’m bringing Mike Kealoha with me, his family has a secret recipe passed down from generation to generation for smoking, curing and seasoning meat. We are acquiring Big Island lamb. Serving with a vanilla bean and poha berry agradolce.  Sambo from Sambo Berries is hand picking me the plumpest most beautiful poha berries just for this event. It will be a non-thickened, reduced, vinegar, sugar and berries with vanilla beans. We’ll add this to the marinated, treated smoked meat. White shoyu sauce with green peppers. We’re going to take the entire lamb, dressed, and we’re going to utilize every part. For the bones we’re going to roast them and make lamb demi-glaze which tastes phenomenal and ads that lamb flavor back into the dish.

October 5th I’m back on Oahu for HUGS Love Gala. The video above shows me demonstrating live on Hawaii News Now what I’ll be doing for HUGS. We are responsible for the hour and a half cocktail mixer. I’ll be serving two dishes. A Big Island Abalone dish with uni butter sauce with local sea asparagus, a kind of warm sea salad in a spoon. Our second dish is bacon mochi seared swordfish. Served with a local beat salad and macadamia nuts, locally grown small French green beans with a bleu cheese fondu sauce. Almost like a fortified salad. This will go great with a nice bold red wine that it’s being paired with.

This will be my first time being a featured chef for both of these fantastic events and love having the opportunity to do my part in helping spread awareness and helping make a difference while doing what I love.

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