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New York City Dining Part 1 of 3

Posted on August 30, 2013 by admin

I recently had the opportunity to really experience the culinary skills of New York City. We ate and we ate and then we ate some more. Five full days of lunch, dinner and then dinner again! A fantastic and unforgettable experience. I was accompanied by Travel Expert, NBC host and Publisher Brian Berusch. Brian lives here in Hawaii but is from New York originally and knows the restaurant scene. He was the Editorial Director at Oahu Publications Inc. magazine for years and has done a lot of award winning freelance for various travel, culinary and lifestyle magazines. I’ll do a 3 part blog rundown and some highlights for you incase your in New York City and would like some direction in what can be an overwhelming decision on where to go. A special thanks to Brian for his guidance, company and pictures and writing some of the list descriptions I'll be posting over this 3 part blog series.  DAY 1 Ess a Bagel. Legendary midtown Manhattan institution for bagels, sandwiches, smoked fish and precision service. Sparks Steak House. We didn’t eat here as... Read more