A Taste for Radio

Posted on May 13, 2014 by admin

Jo McGarry - Radio MoJo 2For two decades, Jo McGarry has been the voice of Honolulu’s restaurant scene. Actually she’s covered culinary news across the whole state. I’ve known her for 13 years and during that time she’s been really supportive. The first time I remember her writing something about me she said something about me having “Hollywood good looks”. I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t flattered, I was. You remember stuff like that. She’s also had a lot of good things to say about my approach to cooking and how I run my kitchen. I appreciate that.

Jo is very well respected in the industry and I think everyone appreciates what she does. A couple years ago she was cohost of the Hawaii Restaurant Association big hall of fame gala. That was partly out of respect for how hard she works to showcase local restaurants and respect for how well informed she is about the Hawaii industry. Plus she’s really good in front of a microphone. Definitely better than me.

The New MoJo Radio

Her long running show, Table Talk has recently gone through a huge overhaul. The name has changed to MoJo Radio, which, as a name, really suites her personality. She exudes a lot of energy. From what I understand, she’s combined her radio show as well as all of her work in media, restaurant consulting and commercial real estate under one roof.

The new show has moved to NBC Sports Radio on AM 1500. You can also go to her website www.mojomcgarry.com and listen to podcasts of all of her shows or download them. I was on her show a few days ago and we were talking about our upcoming Mother’s Day brunch at Tiki’s. We were able to talk about some of the special menu items featured and let everyone know that Sonny Kapu will be there to entertain all the moms.

It’s always good to talk to Jo because she’s very sincere about promoting the next generation of Hawaii chefs and she loves to see restaurants like Tiki’s succeed. Restaurants that are part of the farm-to-table movement and are trying to advance the popularity of Hawaiian regional cuisine. She’s a big fan.

The Move to Tiki’s

When I left Roy’s to become the executive chef at Tiki’s she was surprised, like a lot of people in the Hawaii restaurant scene. When we sat down and talked though, she totally got it. The owners, Bill Tobin and Kelly McGill had a vision of taking Tiki’s familiar American grill menu and adding another dimension. They came to me because I had the experience with Hawaiian regional cuisine, working with local growers and I had a reputation for building a solid team. Jo’s very supportive of what we’re trying to do at Tiki’s and I would like to thank her for all the support she’s given us and me personally over the years.

Mother’s Day at the Beach

Lastly, we had  great time on Sunday for our Mother’s Day buffet brunch at the beach. We had all you can eat snow crab legs, omelet station, prime rib, poke bar, our house made kim chee and much much more. It was a blast!

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  1. Ronnie,
    Thank you so much! What nice things you said :) I’ve always thought it an honor to work in this wonderful industry and continue to make a point of bringing positive help to chefs and restaurant owners.
    Thank you for noticing!

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